This operation takes 1-5 days as soon as the funds arrive at the account. To clarify the possibility of exchange write to chat or to telegram@GlobalWire


min.: 2000 USDTERC, max.: 120000 USDTERC

min.: 2000 USDTERC

max.: 220000 WIREUSD

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Exchange Tether USDTERC to Wire USD WIREUSD


  1. To continue the exchange contact the chat on the website or write in telegram @GlobalWire

  2. The minimum amount of exchange is the equivalent of 2,000 USD

  3. The maximum amount of exchange is the equivalent of 120,000 USD

  4. When calculating payments please consider the value of the payment order which is 120 EUR.

  5. Please note that all non-cash requests are processed within 1-5 days. There are a number of restrictions and requirements for the operation. Payments to some countries, as well as to certain destinations, may not be processed and / or cost more than the tariff indicated on the website. Payments to individuals are processed separately.

  6. Documents confirming the operation will be necessary to perform the operation (agreement and/or invoice, etc.).

  7. After agreeing on the details and conditions in the chat or in telegram @GlobalWire, pay for the application and exchange.